Sunday, 1 October 2017


Join Chris on his haphazard journey through his own head as he encounters idiot villains*, talking animal detectivesª, quirky multi-dimensional office staffº, time travelling thugs bent on plagiarism, and stories that may or may not mean something.

He's written a few short stories, novellas and novels over the years, including the story "A Talk With Death' (Paperclips: New Writers from Strathclyde, 1992), the novel 'Tokyomares' (self published, 2003) and his Jake Jones novellas 'The Old Mice Killer' (2017) & 'The Coffee Cup Killer' (2020). He's also written a few film scripts, including 'Tough Gig' (2006), 'Ripped' (2012) and 'Remote Crime Scene' (2020). 

He's even written the scripts to a few amusing Raptor Newz episodes. 

* Thick as Thieves
a The Old Mice Killer
o Multiversal
∞ One Last Tale
† Everything

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