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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

5 - Beach, Birds & Bloody Good Food

(Friday 30th March, Sumoto)

Not much to report today except that I woke up in the middle of the night and did a bit of work between 3-5am before falling asleep again.

These birds of prey (tombi) are a familiar and welcome sight in the Japanese countryside 
We spent the day in Sumoto in the Aeon/Edion complex indulging ourselves in octopus balls and ice-cream, strawberry, cream and chocolate sauce crepes, and USB 3.0 and USB c adaptors. Not that it would interest many people but Edion had a sale on, whereby the new MacBook pros were a third off the price back home, but they had none in stock, it would take a week to order them in, and there was no guarantee there would be Edions in the part of Japan we were going to next, so I passed in the hope of finding a similar sale further down the line.

Takoyaki, also known as Octopus Balls, in appropriate servings of eight

In the evening we went to an izakaya for dinner, where we had a delicious sushi set, yakitori, and edamame.

A red brick building seems out of place and reminiscent of the factories and mills of Catalonia 
And the Best sushi award goes to...
In the evening I took our son into the main building for his first onsen (hot spring), which to be fair was extremely hot, but after acclimatising to the heat it felt great as always.

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